Dog Salmonella Poisoning

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Dog SalmonellaDogs seem to be able to scarf up anything they get their paws on.  However, many dog owners wonder if dog Salmonella poisoning is an issue.  The answer to that is “yes”, just like with humans dogs can get Salmonella poisoning.  In fact, just a few days ago there was a recall on dog treats produced by Merrick due to Salmonella contamination.  The recalled product is: “Doggie Wishbone” pet treat (ITEM # 2280829050, Lot 11031 Best By 30 Jan 2013).  A huge offender for dog Salmonella contamination are pig ears and other dried animal parts, probably in part to the way these treats are processed.  For a complete list of recalled pet food and treats, you can visit The FDAs web site.  Here you can search by pet type, brand, etc.  You can even print out a list of all recalled products since 2007.  For various reasons there has been over 1,000 pet food and treat recalls since then!

Symptoms of Dog Salmonella Poisoning:

  • Lethargy
  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Bloody Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite

Generally, dogs most affected are puppies or those with weakened immune systems.  Healthy dogs can generally digest their food quickly and not give the Salmonella bacteria time to settle in their bodies.  Regardless, we need to take the same precautions with dogs as we do for us in preventing Salmonella contamination.  This is probably where the BARF dog diet  gets scrutinized the most, since a large part of the diet is raw meats.  Some things to keep in mind:

  • Wash your hands after handling dog food and treats
  • When you are cooking, wash your hands before petting your dog or letting them lick your hands
  • Make sure your dog doesn’t have access to the garbage
  • Wash their food and water bowls thoroughly and frequently

Human illnesses and recalls due to Salmonella make national news.  Just because we don’t hear about it as much for dogs, Dog Salmonella is nothing to ignore or take lightly.


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