My 7 Sin-Less New Year Ruffolution’s

My 7 Sin-Less New Year Ruffolution’s
By Deegan

Every year of my nine super sweet and excellent filled years in this world I call awesome has seemed to ring a craziness deep inside the human psyche. For some reason people start making these ridiculous promises to themselves that never seem to last even as long as a New York steak bone does with a rabid pack of Chihuahuas. I, a simple yet very observant dog, was able to ...

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My New Year’s Resolutions

My New Year's Resolutions
By Ikaika (aka "Kaiks")

I suppose since my humans are talking about New Year's resolutions that I should make some of my own too. Here it goes: I won't bark while "patiently" waiting for my human to throw the ball or the stick I won't roll around in the sand box and bring sand in to the house I won't "crop dust" the living room while everyone is watching a movie (OR I'll do it and quietly leave ...

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Excuses, Excuses!

Excuses, Excuses!
By Anela

Boy, my humans have been REALLY lazy the last few days.  They keep blaming it on trip-toe something or other.  Poor humans...they need to make up excuses to be lazy.  Me on the other hand, no excuses necessary, I can take a nap any old time I please. BUT in order to make my humans feel better, I'll make up excuses too... We need our Vitamin D You seemed like you had the ...

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If you want some tail wagging, paw raising, butt sniffing FUN, you have come to the right place. Your Healthy Dogs, puts us dogs in the spotlight and gives us a chance to tell OUR stories.  Our humans offer up some great advice too and together we show you what a healthy dog is all about.


Because a healthy dog goes way beyond the food we eat.


Do your humans. . .
Talk to you and ask you questions until you give them the head tilt?
Take you for walks rain, snow or shine?
Throw the ball for you if you drop it at their feet and stare at it long enough?
Season their food with dog hair (I mean after all, it is the spice of life)?
Finally pet you if you bump them with your wet nose enough?
Leave your nose art up in the car until they can’t see out the windows?
Take the embarrassment for you if you clear the room out with one of your silent but deadly farts?


Ours do, and we love them for it.


Our motto is…

Wag Long, Wag Strong!


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